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I got a guitar from a friend and can't find anything about it. It is LP shape, bolt on neck, 6 on one side tuners, 2 humbuckers, 2 vol 2 tone knobs, 3 way switch at bottom of guitar close to knobs, kahler flyer trem, locking nut and grover tuners, the guitar is all black except the gold gibson logo on the head and zebra pickups. The numbers stamped on the back of the head are 80344654 Any info would be great. Thanks, Wes


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As far as I know, nothing has ever been changed on it but the jack plate.


Just got a reply from Gibson..




Thanks for writing!! This appears to be a hybrid between the Gibson Invader and one of the Invader-style buildout models. It's basically a Gibson Invader with a 6 on a side tuner arrangement (not common on the Invader).


Best regards,


Vincent Wynne

Gibson Customer Service


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