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Rock and Roll is Dead


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I don't think so.

Wednesday I discovered that it's not even close.

There are plenty of good bands out there who still rock.

They've just been pushed aside by corporate record company executives who think Hip Hop, Rap, and Teen Queen music is what we need to listen to,

Won't they ever learn?

"Rock and Roll will never die."


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Problem is similar to what went on in the mid-to-late 60s. Bubble Gum music (archies 1910 fruitgum co. monkees, etc) were all the rage on AM radio. FM radio (in NY/NJ- WNEW, WPLJ, WQIV, WOR-at first,) were where you went to hear non-mainstream stuff (dead, airplane, kinks, who, buffalo springfield, zappa/mothers, lou reed/velvet underground, etc). Some of their music hit AM but very few samples (not commercially viable)..

It this area now there are 1 or 2 stations that handle "classic rock", you very rarely here the words "here's something new from so and so, or here's a new band that may have something to offer"...

I don't know how Satellite radio is... But FM around here is practically worthless. I wear out the buttons on car radios looking for something to listen to (it's probably worse than texting).. CDs are a nice relief but if I'm buying I usually buy who I know.

The folks here are pretty good at (at least in the song games) putting up interesting stuff, jump over to youtube and listen to stuff I'm not familiar with (COC's picks, among others are usually interesting)...

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For the record companies, it's about hyping and marketing the Cheapest and Easiest product.


Rock and Roll takes a Band of at least 3-4 Musicians with Skills and A Producer With Skill. It takes a studio that can accommodate a whole band and a rehearsal space.Then you have several Creative Elements that need to be serviced or quelled.


Hip Hop takes one guy, like Jay-z, who Writes and Produces an entire catalog of work from one studio that doesn't even need an Isolation Booth.


Record Companies like easy livin'.

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