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Danelectro pedals

Tim Plains

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Anybody here have 'em, or try 'em?

I went into the music store to pick up the TRC for my Traditional and walked out with a TRC, two leather straps and three Danelectro pedals. lol

I'm just trying them for the weekend - chorus, vibe & drive. They were cheap...really, cheap, actually; so, I guess that should tell me something.

The drive was $30 and the other two were $50.

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Danelectro pedals are good for little 3 watt battery powered amps' date=' as they are light and portable. You can fill a Fanny Pack with them and Skate around like Harry Barry.


Hooked into a good amp they really show their cheapness.


I though it was Hairy Perry lol.


I couldn't beleive my eyes when I saw your post. I love that guy!


Have you heard "Time Travel Transformation"?


He blew my mind with that song. He's pretty rad.


He epitomizes Venice Beach.

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