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Drive your plane home...


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Yeah, seriously, I did drive my plane home when I lived in Texas.

The property I had was on a 3000' grass strip, a fly-in subdivision so to speak.


Never built a house on it but I had a hangar with two planes paying rent inside.

Sold it when I moved to AZ.


Still it would be cool to see that car/plane thing make it in the market.

Many have tried in the last 50 years...

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Yeah me too. Here is some information from their FAQ website:


A lot of previous "flying car" attempts have failed. Why is this any different?


The Transition® has the advantage of modern engines, composite materials, and computer-based avionics. Even more important is the approach being taken by Terrafugia to design a vehicle for pilots that brings additional ground capability to an airplane instead of attempting to make a car fly.

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