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Chicago doesn't get Olympics

Silenced Fred

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the olympics have been meaningless to me since they got rid of baseball...


Sports in general are meaningless to me, whether it's the O£¥MPI¢S™, pro xxxxball, or the local kiddies soccer game. I never watch sporting events, would certainly never pay to travel to or attend any, and don't care a fig about who won what or is in whatever position. I'm indifferent to where the games are held or even if they are held at all.

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I feel kinda bad for the cubs


I don't get the Cubs, everyone seem to know that Milton Bradley was not the best for the team, perennially injured and the sort, yet the front office didn't see it. =P~


I could go on for days about what is with them, but no one would read it


Something about this year just lost that spark, the magic that the Cubs had, I forget which game it was, but my facebook status and then the headline of the Chicago Tribune matched; 'The thrill is long gone'


Oh well, but guess what? There's always next year =P~

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