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Hmm' date=' its a late 80's/ early 90's jap model. The sent them to Forth Worth, Texas to set them up and stuff. Ive seen one go for around 2 grand. All i know, sorry.

How's it sound? [/quote']

They were less than $400 new.

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Probably a 86-87 Model 5FX Japanese made by a company named Amic. This is a sweet guitar!!! How does she sound?


Silverbursted it Sounds Incredible and the 5FX model was a Neck-through ( the one I have is a Bolt-on )


but is the only one listed as coming thru with a Humbucker and a Slanted neck pickup.


So I'm Still Confused:-k and to Add to the Confusion mine has a 24 fret neck with the 24 3/4" Scale:-k

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