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How do I do - Fretting question


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I'm a j45 Mahogany owner, and my sweet Sunburst friend needs a partial refret.

First 3/4 frets are gone away, in fact.


I called Gibson Customer Service, to know the frets type for my guitar and CS Gibson



We use .038” tall by .80” wide on most of our models except the Lennon or 160 which we use .060” tall by .110” wide


well how I do, to obtain that fret type ??


Stewart Mac Donald has a different type on his catalogue.......


help me.................................thanks

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Stew-Mac's standard #148 is close enough. It's a tiny bit taller but you want to have that wiggle room for final levelling and crowning.


Hi ksdaddy, thanks,


Do you think that I should order those fretwire at Stewart MacDonald ?

Doesn't Gibson retail original fretwire ?

uhm.......It's strange thing...that......

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I buy Stew-Mac #148 by the pound. It's good stuff. All you need is one stick (2 ft) but I don't know what they'd charge you for shipping.


It comes in straight pieces so you will need some way to radius it.


Ok, Ksdaddy,

I'm just thinking about a Plek treatment........

What do you think about that ??

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I know exactly zero about Plek treatments.

not a techy are yeh


neither am I....


All this high tech wizardry like self tuning guitars is cool and all....


I marvel at the surety of self tuning it...... If you fail you wont have to deal with fixin the guitar

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