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What hollowbody is Melody Gardot playing?


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That guitar is a L5-CES with two pickups, likely to be a variation of the Wes Montgomery version, which has one neck pickup. The finish is Wine Red. The Montgomery is $11,056; the original version had 2 pickups, but Wes only needed the neck pickup, so the version sold is a 'tribute' model. So for a few more dollars you can order a two pickup model. The 'mother of pearl' neck inlays are the best clue. They are not the parallelogram inlays as found on the Byrdland.


There is another possibility. It may be a Pat Martino model, now discontinued. It was a single cutaway guitar, related to the Paul Jackson Jr. model(which was a double cutaway guitar). However, the headstock was made to handle higher gauge strings, and did not look like the typical 'open-book' headstocks on other Gibsons. This also came in the Wine Red color.



The Byrdlands, even in cdntac's avatar image, have florentine bouts (the pointy lower bout). There was a time Gibson made Byrdlands with a rounded bouts; find an early picture of Chuck Berry and you are likely to find him 'duckwalking' with one.


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I still say it's a Byrd.


Byrd's are currently made with the Venetian or Florentine cutaway. I've seen wine coloured Byrd's exactly like the one she is using (for sale online, not in person).


The tailpiece and thickness of the body (seen on a few angles) tells me it's a Byrd.

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