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Gibson USA & Custom Slash: Pics and Comparison

Les Paul

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I have a VOS coming in on Thursday, so I'll *** pics of that once it arrives. As for now, I have pics of my USA with a comparison to my original Custom Slash.


















So far I have some very good first impressions. The guitar is heavier than the recent USAs I've owned. It has the weight of the Slash custom in the pics, but I haven't weighed either one. Both weigh less than my LPCs.


As for the feel and playability, it has a USA feel, which feels different from the CS guitars in a way I can't describe. However it plays real well. Unplugged, it resonates a lot nicer than many of the LP Standards I've played recently. It sounds a little brighter than reissues and the Slash Custom, however I kinda dig the tone. It is NOT as bright as the recent LP Standards I've played and it still feels very meaty. If I didn't have the other guitar for comparison, I probably wouldn't know the difference.


There are ZERO flaws on the guitar. Everything looks very neat and well detailed. I like the color of mine a lot. It appears to be a bit darker/more ambery than some we've seen online so far. It almost matches the Custom one. The case is also very impressive. I actually prefer it to the custom cases.


My only gripe right now is that Gibson said they were coming with COAs. Mine did not have one. To be honest though, I'm so happy with this guitar, I wouldn't want to switch it for one with a COA in fear of getting one I didn't like, and I might just try to get one through Gibson if I find out they are supposed to have them.

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I liked the custom better.


The neck on the U.S.A. was very thin, the custom's neck

was great.


They both sounded like mud though sorry to say. I'm guessing they have

300k potentiometers for volume controls, and probably stock capacitors.

Guitar Center also had some lousy amps, I'm sure that contributed.


I wasn't crazy about the aging on the custom.


Both U.S.A. and custom looked great, but I think they are way over priced.


You can easily get the same if not better sound swapping pickups on any other

Les Paul.


The only thing you want get is the drawing on the headstock from the U.S.A. model.

Oh yeah and the customized case.


Sorry Les Paul, I wasn't trying to rain on your thread.


The flame on your guitar is better than the one at my local Guitar Center.


Congrats on the nice guitar, enjoy.

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Very nice, indeed!


I take it you're a Slash fan? O:)


I was briefly tempted to buy a Slash, not for the limited run, but for the Seymours...the previous Slash have a piezo, right? If this one did too, I might have gone for it...but I think I'd much rather get a R8 - I want vintage...new vintage. I'm not trying downsizing your guitar one bit...she's a definite beauty! Congrats!!


I agree with DoubleSixx about the aging. Why would you pay somebody a lot of money to beat up your guitar? Slash's original Standard didn't look that way when it was new, ya know? O:)

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Les Paul,


Quick question. Are you pickups all scratched up ? Both U.S.A.'s, and the custom's

pickups had light scratches.


I guess I understand on the custom if they wanted to "age" it a little.


Yeah Tim A I wanted to try the Piezo bridge, the previous Slash model never showed up

around here, unless I missed it first time around. Plus I have to admit I didn't look, I was

hoping to bump into it when it was released.


I'm surprised these didn't have the piezo, I'm sure there's going to be a few signature

Slash models. Just look at all the Zakk Wylde variants.

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