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Wash day blues


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This week, my wife set about washing clothes. About half way through the wash cycle, the smoke alarm in the basement went off. She went down and a pall of smoke filled the rafters and a very pungent odor was emanating from the stacked washer/dryer.


She punched the control button to shut the thing off. The smoke abated and the odor has dissipated somewhat.


The smell is like hot electronics. A similar smell came from the previous washing machine, near 5 yrs ago. No obvious wires, switches or other electricals showed signs of heat or damage, only a stinking motor. I determined it was the motor roasted. I ordered a new motor at the cost of a hundred or so dollars. I installed the motor, buttoned it all back up and turned it on. Again smoke and stench arose from the former washer Having become disgusted with my lack of washing machine prowess we decided that since the old, formerly trusty washer (avocado green) had outlived it's usefulness, we replaced it with the now crippled unit which is exhibiting the same symptoms.


My question is could the problem be in the timer causing two contacts to be contacting simultaneously which shouldn't be contacting, lest smoke a stench arise from it? Could it be the capacitor? Could the transmission be seized? How do I check?


Does anyone know of a good forum where I could go to discuss?

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Found appliancpartspros dot com has a forum. Appears to be moderated and staffed with professionals. It is connected to their site that sells parts. A little more spendy than Sears.com, but at least you get some advice.


If anyone else has a favorite appliance repair forum for me to try, I"d be most obliged... well I and my blushing bride of 27 years. (she makes me blush)

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