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1958 Reissue Les Paul Burstbuckers Potted??


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I just bought a 1958 Les paul Reissue VOS(it was made in 2008). I am wondering if the burstbucker 1 and 2 are wax potted in this model because I am getting terrible microphonic squeals from the bridge pickup, even when using a noise gate. It makes the pickup almost unusable, anyone have any idea?




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Who the hell knows?



Check out this page from the Gibson site, look at the last line at the bottom.




According to the Customer Service people I spoke with and all the literature I read, none of the BB 1 or 2 pickups are potted. When I brought that website statement to their attention they were surprised to say the least.


They even ventured a guess that OEM pickups are not potted but replacements are.


I dunno.


Tear it open and look?





If it's microphonic, it's gotta come out anyway.

Send it to Lindy Fralin if you want my advice, great service and the price can't be beat.

Fixed one of mine for 10 bucks.

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I may be mistaken but I believe a forum member here (deepblue) contacted Gibson and found out that factory equipped BBs are not wax potted but the ones sold separately are.

Sorry' date=' if I put words in your mouth, blue.[/quote']


Thats right Tim. Thats what Gibson said to me in an e-mail.

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This is what Gibson write back to me:


'Thanks for the email. The Burstbuckers in the Reissue models are indeed wax potted. Without physically evaluating the guitar, we would be unable to tell where the issue may be for proper solution. I would recommend taking the guitar to an Authorized Gibson Warranty Service Center in your area, as they should be able to evaluate the wiring, pickups, and electronics to help with a solution.'


Seems like a bunch of conflicting info.

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When you start to back out the adjustable screw polepieces on a wax-potted humbucker, it should make a tiny little mess of wax leaking out around the hole, just enough to notice it on the nickel or chrome or gold, just like I saw on the original equipment '57 Classics on two guitars (2007 and 2009) and a set of 490R/490T (aftermarket replacements, 2007), so your test was valid.


And I agree, Lindy's the man.

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