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I have a Gibson CL-30 with (I believe) a passive fishman pickup. There is a 9v battery if that makes any difference, but no control over output volume or bass/treble. Are there better solutions that will give a truer sound? I mean my sound isn't too bad when I'm on stage, absolutely fantastic presence. But when I use my line out to my mixer I get sort of a buzzing tone with no bass near what I'm hearing in person. I know micing is the way to go (and I have condenser mics on standby) but I'm just worried about when I play at a venue that has lower quality PA's. I guess I'm just looking to make the plugged in sound more natural. Any suggestions without killing my budget?

By the way, here is a clip of what it sounds like. Just some basic chords, nothing fancy so you can hear what I'm talking about. Thanks!


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