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How to buy an electric guitar


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When I first saw this link on Gibson's website' date=' the title made me giggle.


And here I thought it was as easy as:

Find Guitar, Give Money, Take Guitar, Play Guitar.


Boy was I wrong. :-#




No you were not.

You could even title it: buy a Gibby and don't think of anything else!


Strange ad, isn't it?

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it may be a little doh! for us to read that, but think there are lots of beggining guitar players that dont have a clue about what to buy, so they end up buying a cheap no good guitar because no one told them there is a difference i you pay $99, $200, $600, $1500, or $2000 and more.


I have seen people that starts playing and someone sells them a piece of **** for $199 and then they find out that crap doesnt sound or feel any good... so they loose all interest in playing guitar... what a way of wasting money!


Then there are the ones that buy a cheap guitar because "reviewers, the shop atendant, and a friend" told them all guitars are the same and if you spend more than $500 on a guitar you are paying for a name...


I think there are more specimens, a really huge variety of them, and they could use that guide if buying a guitar... but of course, we cant expect them to stop by the thing and actually read it... most of them think they can buy a $259 gibson custom shop from china an it will be as good as the real thing or even "a real gibson, just the ones made in the china plant, but with all components gibson" (heard that one last weak and lmfao!)...


then they would stop by on the forum and/or any authorized gibson dealer's internet page and whine about gibson, and how gibson guitars are crap and a behringer begginers pack beats the hell out of them and that you are paying for an overpriced name (and while at that they would say that a their marshall mg is better than their friends marshall jcm800).


could some of you guys elaborate on that?


- more specimens

- more comments you have read or heard about how "cheap" is better than "expensive"

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I always try to make sure that when I do buy a new electric guitar' date=' I get one that has been shrink wrapped.

(forgive me, I know it's a Gibson)




Oh dear.


or perhaps better:


"Houston, I think we have a problem."


Or to focus on the positive:


"Shrink-wrap preserves freshness; your guitar stays new longer!"

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Look I sort of feel bad for posting it since it is an off-shoot of Gibson.

So a more reasonable side approach to it is, do you really want to hand a 6 -10 year old a $3,000.00 Paul?


My dad used to by me plastic guitars until I was old enough to appreciate a real Gibson.

First thing I would do is Pete Townsend them. Then cry, like kids do, and beg for a real one. Then one day I overheard him (the way little ears spy on their parents) tell my mom, that "he should have bought me a real guitar to begin with because my playing ability had already surpassed his so quickly."

Thundergod was right. You tend to want to learn more when your guitar has good intonation.

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