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Can This Special Be Saved?


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It could be saved, but what it would cost would probably outweigh what it would cost to buy another one that doesn't need fixing.


It looks like it started out as a Les Paul Junior and was turned into a Les Paul Special.


If it were mine, and money was no issue, I would do the following:


Clean up headstock repair (and truss rod cover)


Re-route the neck pickup to accept a soapbar P-90 with side-mounted height adjustment. I prefer that method to the mount-in-wood method.


Replace pickguard (with Junior-style guard) to accommodate new pickup configuration.


Complete re-finish.


Of course, replace the pickups if necessary, and covers (which is necessary), add knobs and other necessary hardware.


Total cost would be quite a bit more than a similar double-cutaway Les Paul Special would cost. Not worth it unless you're doing it yourself, or it's a 50s vintage.


You could also convert it back to a Les Paul Junior by plugging the switch and two extra knob holes.



[EDIT] Just noticed it said "Special" on the headstock, so it's not a conversion... just a new pickguard.

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By the way... it's not a gibson les paul special, as KSG noted that's an unusual place for the headstock to break, why? Because it didnt break, it was cut there and the guy tried to instal an gibson headtsock so it would look like a gibson (just a wild guess, but he does say it's a special WITH A GIBSON HEADSTOCK GLUED IN) and the TRC is just wrong I think

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