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496R & 500T dc resistence ??


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Hi i am Spanish man, I have a guitar tokai to that I have changed the pickups and i have put SD seth lover, the previous owner said to me that the installed pickups were the gibson 496R and 500T, can someone inform me about the dc resistence of his 496R and 500T pickups?,


I want to verify that my pickups are really this two, the measurements that I have done are: 496R ~9k / 500T ~ 15.6k


Thank you

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The only Gibsons pickup that is that High is the 500T or the Dirtyfingers and their is no mistaking the DF.


Your Readings for a 496R I think is too low. Its around the output of a 498T and those come in around 14k.


Check out the Chart

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