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I had a EMG 81 wired Straight to the Input Jack and it Was Real Good


then I Swapped it out for a Burstbucker III and it was the Hottest thing For a While


Then I Swapped out the Stock Caps with Custom 1Meg ones and its Been Low D/C Resistance


Pups Ever Since. Like the 490R/490T's with a PA-2 Boost.


The Tones Incredible.


But theirs this Set thats stock in my 84 Explorer (Dirtyfingers) in a Alder Body


that Does not Sound Like any of the Newer Sets and they are Real Sweet


and Sound Real Good Pumped up with lots of Distortion

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You should have a look at 'Bare Knuckle' pickups, there's a good range to choose from, email them with your needs and they'll recommend what ones you need, They make 'calibrated sets' i.e. neck and bridge matched, they can wire them for coil taps if that's what you need. They are based in England and a growing number of players are fitting them into Les Pauls among other types of guitar.

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