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Problem with a Robot First Run


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I've got a Gibson Robot First Run, it worked great for 2 months, but now the A doesn't turn and the A led switches Yellow to Red (sometimes only yellow) and viceversa when I strum the string; I don't hear any winding noise from the PowerHead and I don't know wheter he PowerHead is loose or not...I've looked in the Manual they gave me when I bought the guitar, but it doesn't tell anything about the problem we are talking of....

I'm looking forward to receiving your reply...


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Hi Boldo94,


Once you strum a string in tuning mode and the respective LED is switching from Red to Yellow its working correct.

Red flashing means that frequency detection is in progress, Yellow flashing means that the control data for the RoboHead is being sent up to the neck CPU, which is normal.

Now the respective RoboHead should start to tune, if its not try the following:


1) Strum the respective string in tuning mode, once the respective LED is flashing yellow try to move or slightly turn on the RoboHeads case.

Maybe its just the position for contacting thats causing the problem.

If it works intermittently now, try to keep the "sweet spot" position and screw the hex screw by 1/8 to 1/4 turn more tight.


2) Remove the A string, unscrew the RoboHead (12 mm wrench) , remove it and clean the contacts on the bottom side of the case very carefully. Clean the contact surface on the flat Neck Contacting PCB also. Now put back the RoboHead, align its case with the black electronic box and screw tight ( torque at 1.4- 1.6 Nm maximum), restring and try if it works.





You play. We tune.

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