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Before the fanboys get a chance, I would like to say...


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Gibson is making a Buckethead signature Les Paul...


They mentioned it on the same webpage as the Zakk Wylde "BFG" thingy

It's going to be lame' date=' and have a killswitch


That is all...[/quote']

I think you're kinda late. The fanboys already got their shot and I believe that the thread was locked.

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You have major jealousy issues dude. Just work on your chops and you'll be as good as him one day.


Jealousy issues, that's a new one...



And Thunder, until you post pictures of your Charvel (without EMGs mind you) I am liable to do just about anything

you've made me an emotional wreck


And Dem00n I was only pointing out the lefty thing because Tony himself is left handed, so it's a tad ironic

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"QUICK! It is urgent that I tell people who agree with me that Buckethead sucks before they can tell us that he rules! Muhahahahahahaha!!"


Are you 5? Cuz if you're not.....


...take off those pull-ups and be a man and graciously allow people to like what they like.

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