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New? To this forum?





I'll have you know that I'm an Advanced member!


Go pick on someone else.


uuuh you notice that thinder has over 7000 posts not including the ones lost in the crash... you are new....

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Who the fcuk is "thinder." Is that Thunder's effeminate cousin.




Maybe... I've never known of such a thing in my family tho :-



Must be one of those cousins that show only when your dad dies and leaves a lot of money for everyone... and the a$$hole shows in church during the speech, dressed all in pink with feathers.

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Axe' date=' that makes me think of a house my brother and i had lived in years ago, his girl friend wanted cats so we made her keep the litter in the basement so for the cats to have access we had to cut a hole in the bottom in which i had to have fun with! haha

so that pic/anamation made me think of these! haha






haha yeah just thought id share that lovely thought with you!


btw screen printing is cheap cause you only have to pay for the screen once, so your hard cost if you only do one color shirts are 1 screen and then the Ts so you can offer them alot cheaper. we have an in house screen printer / graphic designer so i see this stuff everyday.

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