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Here's a rare '59 Les Paul - factory Bigsby


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Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) has an original '59 with a factory Bigsby.

Used it since his days in The Guess Who with Burton Cummings.


This has got to be one of the least photographed Les Pauls in the world, I had little luck finding any pics.

I don't know why more people don't know about it.


Anyhow, I found a long but interesting article done on him recently.

Covers all kinds of good stuff like Les Pauls new and old, his major involvement in Gretsch, widely varied musical career, and another guitar that has always held some intrigue for me - the Johnny A.


Check it out;




Oh, and Gibson...

If you're listening, how about a Randy Bachman signature?


Cherry sunburst, killer top, Bigsby, and SHINY paint and hardware.


Do a '59 and a '60 so there's a choice in necks, eh?

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I'm sure the wood is heavy to begin with, then there's the Bigsby... There's your 14 lbs.


Anyways that was great. I started reading it and really got wrapped up in it.


I love how he says let the solos "breathe" I think I'll try and do that. I try and make them sing but I hadn't though about making them breathe. I like them to talk too..

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Hey Neo, '59 bursts with a bigsby are rare but there are a few out there.


The one Keith Richards used in the 60's had a bigsby, several guitar books have pics of different ones and a few have poped up on eBay.


Some have taken the bigsby off and replaced it with a stop bar.

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'59 bursts

The one Keith Richards used in the 60's had a bigsby

Yeah, I've seen a few over the years but I have no idea if it was the same couple of guitars or if there were actually many made.


I saw one pic of Richards with his from those early days (he didn't look like a cadaver) and I wonder if he still has it.

No tellin' with Keef....

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Keith Richards' 59 LP with Bigsby was bought on his first US tour in 1964. he used the guitar both on stage and in the studio until about 68-69.

the guitar was put up for auction a couple times by Sotheby's with a starting price of $400,000 but did not sell. i heard an unconfirmed report it was later bought privately by a Swiss collector.

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