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Epiphone EJ200CE query


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I just bought an Epiphone EJ200CE with the Shadow 2 preamp, and I am wondering what pickup to use? Nanoflex/ or Nanmag?

around the jack output or one it says nanomag stereo or both mono??

and the other jack out put says nanoflex stereo? I am very much a struming type player.


Thanks Ian

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I couldn't resist replying to a guy whose username is after one of my good friend Ricky Ross' songs!


You should have an output option to plug in a mono jack lead and blend the mag and flex on the side-mounted preamp.


I don't have an EJ200CE myself, but I have played them extensively as lenders etc and have always been able to get a blend of the flex and mag with a mono lead.


If I were you, I'd fire up a practice amp and spend an hour or two experimenting.

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Yes I would go in for the mono jack and blend on the controls. If I remember correctly, with the two jacks used at once it enables you to run the mag (neck pickup) and flex (undersaddle) into two separate PA inputs via two jack leads, so you can pan left and right for that expansive Nick Harper/Derrin Nauendorf guitar tone.


The '200s are great guitars, enjoy yours and good luck with the gig! Let us know how it goes. I trod on my

laptop last week so am relegated to surfing via the iPhone, so I will check out your 'space as soon as I get my snappedtop back!

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