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Hi guys! im an SG player obv:d/ but i really like the Flying V especially the '59 korina V model, it looks amazing, but ive not got that kinda money. i noticed that epiphone makes a '58 korina model, what im asking is, what do you think of the epiphone korina model?, is it worth getting??

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I'd stick to Gibson. If you want a quality V, but don't want to pay out the *** for it, take a look at the Worn run of Gibsons. You could get a worn V for under a grand, it wouldn't be Korina, but it would be a Gibson.

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Epi V is NOT Korina.


It's made of some chalky mystery wood from God knows where in Asia.

It has a wallpaper-thin veneer on it that looks like Korina.


Think of it as a placebo V.


I had one, modded the hell out of it and it sounded good, played great.

Still a $400 Epi.


Buy a used Gibson.



Korina is gonna break the bank, but there are plenty of Mahogany ones that look very similar.

I've seen nice ones for around a grand on Ebay, but they didn't have the V tailpiece.

Regular Stop bar.


Gibson has purposely kept the prices elevated on these by limiting '58 style production very tightly.

I'm in the same boat you are.

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We all know it's not real Korina wood but who cares?

And that's everyone's point...

The main reason he was leaning towards the Epi was that he preferred the Korina.

Since neither of them are Korina' date=' spend a bit more and get a [i']far[/i] superior guitar in the Gibson.

And BTW, I have both hanging on the wall. The Epi is cool for the money, and has that vintage look, but the Gibson is a much better instrument.

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