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I know it's not strickly an Accoustic question, but here goes anyways.....


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G'day team.


I've already posted this over on the Semi Hollow Forum. But I have not yet had any answers. So I thought that I would put it to you guys and girls, as you all have been so informative in the past (which I greatly appreciate).


I'm considering swaping out the Grover Machine Heads (Kidney Shaped) on my '98 ES335 with some Gibson Vintage Machine Heads. Simply because I think they look cooler.


Has anyone done this?


Will there be any visible marks in the back of the Head Stock? I.E. in the finish or perhaps screw marks?





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I would guess that the vintage tuner would cover, or even use the existing hole from the Grover. You'll need to drill another hole for the upper screw on the vintage tuner. The Grover only has one. If the original Grover hole shows, it might not be by much.


This would be a one-way change however. Once you drill that second hole, if you go back to a modern tuner, you'll have to fill the extra hole and touch it up. It can be masked but will never disappear.

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Do you mean the tulip shaped tuners, like in your avatar?


I've had the same thought about my 335 too. And I agree they do look so much better. But the grovers are great and many people say function better than the tulip (Klusons?)


There's bound to be some collateral damage but that would be fixable.

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Hey Paddy. I've just come across this thread in the Hollowbody forum. Some interesing stuff especially the vintage tulip type Grovers that fit the existing screw holes. You've got me thinking now.




BTW I was picking up some strings this afternoon at my local shop. On the counter was a packet of Gibson Vintage tulip type tuners. So I chatted to the shop owner about them. In his opinion the Gibson ones should be avoided. The backing plate is part of the structure and therefore make any maintenance difficult. Perhaps something else to bear in mind.


They do look great on a 335!

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