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Slash vs. Page guitars?


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Vote for your choice.


A Slash custom shop with fishman.




A Jimmy Page with an extra pickup, push-pull knobs & bigsby?


I myself think the new Page is just too gaudy for me;

( even if i could figure out how to cope with all the gizmos ).


Give me the Slash and a pedal or two.

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The Page is actually very easy to work. If you forget what pickups are on, due to the 6 way switch, just tap the PU covers with your pick. There is only 1 push/pull and it's for the bridge pickup. Blend that out of phase with top and middle PUs and it's a unique sound. Play it for a couple of weeks and you know your way around pretty easily.


Feels like quality, plays beautifully, sounds even better. I absolutely LOVE my Standard and play it every day but this Page guitar is a different animal. So is the 2004 #1 by the way. I think the boys at Gibson really take pride in their work - and it shows with this guitar.


Gaudy? I think black and gold can look gaudy. I also have Custom Shop in ebony and gold and it is a bit flashy - like I should be wearing a tux while playing it. It's all subjective. The VOS finish on the Page makes it look old and dirty.


Jimmy had the PU covers off his on PU 1 & 3. It must have been a simple aesthetic issue to leave them on this model. I wonder how the sound would be different if they left them off.


Slash . . . I'm not a fan but I bet those are great guitars!!

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