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Bushings help needed


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The risk is that driving a too tight bushing into a headstock is splitting the wood. i.e. catastrophic failure.


You are need to open up the holes some how. Obtain some calipers and measure the existing hole. Wrap a dowel rod slightly smaller than the hole with medium to fine sand paper. A steel rod might work as well. Working as perfectly perpendicular to the headstock as possible, ream out the hole with the sand paper. You can work faster with it rod chucked into a drill, but go easy. Stop every so often to test fit the bushings. Best case is to use a drill press, but holding the guitar flat and level will undoubtedly necessitate a custom built fixture. You can probably do a respectable job with a hand drill.


Ideally, you should be able to 'almost' push the bushing home with your thumb. Then finish the deal whith a large pair of pliers or 'c' clamp, all the while progtecting the bushing's finish and headstock's finish on the back side from the tools with cauls or paddng the jaws. There are special tools for this, but if this is only an occaisional repair for you, use the tools you have.


If you push the bushing in and feel you need to ream more, but can't pull the bushing out with your hands, use the dowel rod and push up from the back side. The rod should be sufficiently large to engage the bushing's shoulders.


Good Luck.

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