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EMGs on a Les Paul


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Just my 2 cents but I love the crunch and sustain of gibson pickups and that low end chug. Every guitar I have played with emg 81 and 85 I dont care much for them. I am a zakk wylde fan also and had a epi zakk wylde bullseye guitar and I put his emg set in it and it made a great difference in the guitar but after a while I didn't like the sound and traded it. They will sustain for days but to me the 81 is to bright and lacks a lot of bottom end just cant get the chugga chugga sound while palm muting. In my opinion don't do it they are not worth the cash. Buy a chorus pedal and a overdrive pedal run it on a already distorted tube amp and it will get you real close to zakks tone. check this out

if you notice that les paul don't have emgs in it hope this helps bro........http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0AA1VsPacc&feature=related no emgs here either...
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Okay, fine, whatever....





I like some of the stuff Zakk does, and the few guitars I've played with EMG's are just the ticket for that stuff.


I say go for it.

You'll KNOW what a difference it makes yourself and you can share your thoughts here with us.

If you don't like it, pull 'em out.


Not like you're routing the body for a Floyd Rose or something....



Personally, I agree with Dem00n on the subject.


And I HATE batteries!

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