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Decision: Les Paul Goldtop or 1959 Reissue


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I play Blues/ Country /Rock´n Roll and I am searching for a Les Paul who can do this job.

I already played a 1957 Goldtop which really impressed me but I want to know if a model

with P 90 pickups or the 1959 reissue would be even better?

Furthermore I want to know if there is a tonal difference between a 1957 Goldtop and a

1959 Reissue.


Thanks for information

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'57 reissue = R7

'59 reissue = R9

'60 reissue = R0



If you're looking at newer models, R7s & R9s are the exact same.

The only differences are the R9 will likely have lighter wood, a thinner neck, flame top & burst finish.

The R6 is the same guitar as the R7 but with P-90 pickups.

One is not "better" than the other. It's all personal preference. I have both P-90s are incredible but I prefer humbuckers.

If you want single coils, get an R6 (or R4), if you want humbuckers, get an R7, R8, R9, or R0.

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AreNine probably knows about this more than anyone, so I would have to agree with him on the P-90/humbucker dichotomy being very subjective. Personally, I like the R8, R9, and R0 because of the burst and the tops (especially R9). If you play harder rock or prefer a more distorted sound with gain, I would go humbuckers. If you want a better clean sound that's smooth go with P-90.

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