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Jimmy Page's setup


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Yeah, what they said as they beat me to post.... ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


Seriously, he used many guitars but primarily the two Les Pauls he's famous for plus a third Bigsby equipped Black Beauty that was stolen early on. There's a psychedelic Tele that he used extensively from the Yardbirds days.

Of course the EDS-1275 double neck, made in 1972 if I recall.

A Danelectro 59 DC for almost all the slide work.

A Martin acoustic was with him all the time, I don't know what model or how many.


He used a Fender electric 12 string on Stairway.


On their last tour in the UK he was sporting a blue Strat on some songs.



Amps, he had probably one of everything. Lotsa little ones like the Supro or Fender Champ.

Onstage he used 60's Marshalls until they played huge arenas and had to buy more in the seventies.

I read someplace that he used Marshall Major heads as well - 200 watts of pure hell.



The internet HAS to be full of this sort of info.

I'm sure there are gear hounds who know more than I do by a mile.

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most notably

a 59 burst, all stock except for a shaved neck

a 2nd 59 burst, bought in 73

a early 70s norlin LP, spray painted red

a possibly late 50s goldtop spray painted red

a 1960 les paul custom, with coiltap/phase switches?

a 59 danelectro doublecut

a 73 martin D-28

a 1971 (???) eds 1275 doubleneck

a MK2 fuzz pedal

mxr phase 90

dunlop wah/vox wah depending on the year

100 watt marshall plexis, modded to run @ 200 watts

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