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I don't know what the deal with who owns the company is.


It's not like they have ever made a bad guitar, take as example the norlin era, there are people who hate those guitars and there are people who just love them.


I don't think who owns gibson is a factor right now... one could just buy stock and people in general wouldnt even notice as long as there arent any major changes: as example just look at what fender did to jackson and gretsch and what they did to guild. Completely different stories there, lots of people not only don't know, but won't believe you if you told them jackson and gretsch are fender owned.




Anyway, I dont think it's important who owns gibson, if they end up being owned by a chinese counterfeiter company and start puting out crappy guitars then there are still at least 10 other brands I can chose from if I feel the GAS hit again (which I probably will next week:-")

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