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SG Special with covered pickups


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Hi there, I'm new to Gibson guitars and I'm currently in the market for an SG special. I'm going to check one out tomorrow so I thought I'd try to get some info here first.


The SG Special in question has covered pups and most I've seen have the exposed ones, this by itself wouldn't ring alarm bells but I noticed in the photo that the neck pup was in the wrong way round. To me this suggests a bit of tinkering at best, or a pup change at worse. Once I get the serial I'll date it, check for soldering and get some more info but for now knowing whether or not it was ever issued in this config will help me out a lot. It is a black model with the wide pickguard (pics below). The seller seems cool and I don't think he'd mislead me on purpose but who knows what previous owners may have done to it.


Because there are great deals on SG Specials at the moment I don't want to end up getting something I need to work on to get it back to stock when I could just snag a stock one. I'm hoping they did come with covered buckers because I do prefer the look of them.


Thanks in advance.





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My guess is that he either threw some covers on there or may have swapped pickups.


It may actually be a good thing in both scenarios. The covers look better IMO and if he swapped, the new pickups may sound better.


And if it really bothers you if he changed pickups you can always ask for the original ones as he probably kept them.


By the way the neck pickup being upside down suggests tinkering. He could have put the cover on upside down too. Either way Gibson didn't do it that way on the special. As far as I know the Special would have come stock with uncovered 490r and 490t pickups.

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