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Imagine what people thought when the original V and Explorer came out in '58. I can imagine any solid body at that time still was looked at as new and weird and not a 'real' guitar, even though they had been available on a large scale for nearly a decade.... and the Telecaster would seem very tame by comparison, and the LP downright traditional!


Since I seldom buy brand new guitars, I am in no position to even voice an opinion on what Gibson should be building (or not) but I applaud Gibson for being weird with some of their designs. Some of them just make me roll my eyes, but I'm glad they're out there. 25 years ago I saw the Corvus and almost gagged. In late '84 Elderly Instruments was peddling them brand new for under $200 just to get rid of them. Now they're collectible (witness ebay prices).


Les Paul himself wanted nothing to do with the SG style and I think it's like the biggest selling Gbson of all time.


I guess one good thing about that SG/V thing is that it's less likely to slide off your thigh....

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