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Goodwill Diamond In The Rough? B-50?


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A feller over at the AGF is with Goodwill trying to figure out why people are bidding

hundreds of dollars on this guitar:




I recall, maybe it was ksdaddy, discussin' one that looked kind of like this. I think it was a B50 or

something like that?

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It's an LG something or other, maybe even a B-25N. Post '55 for sure (20 frets), and pre-'68 (upsiade down bridge). Looks like the bridge was swapped out with a non-adjustable saddled one.


Not an LG-0, it wouldn't have the big guard. Not a B-15 either, they had skinny headstocks like a Melody Maker. Both of them were 99% all mahogany but some had spruce tops to make a liar out of me.


Refinished yes? Headstock at least?

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