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PLEKing les paul - what action?


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I´m about to have my les paul PLEKed and I´m not sure what action I shoud choose.

I´m choosing between low, wich is 1,16 mm at the 12th fret on the high e-string, and medium wich is 1,31mm.


I mostly play blues and rock and I think "low" might be a little too low. On the other hand I want the guitar to be easy to play, but 1,31 should also be pretty low, right?

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So we're talking .15 mm difference?


That's all?


Jeez, I don't know how you'll measure that sort of accuracy.

String height is just over a millimeter at the 12th fret?




I say go low.

You can always raise the bridge slightly.


Can't say I fully understand the process you're describing, not with those numbers anyway...

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It depends on what exactly your going to be playing, as having "low" action is good for lead playing, and having somewhat of a "high" action is usually good for rhythm. The action on ALL my guitars is somewhere between med-low, and that's perfect for anything (lead/rhythm).

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