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First live M-R GIB'S show tonight in Sofia


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After few hours I'll have a live concert with M-R GIBS on stage.

This will be an acoustic singer-songwriter's concert.

M-R GIBS has a new "Martin 12-54" set of strings, we practiced a lot and we are ready.

We will perform about 13 songs together with him and two more with my classical "Quintana".

I'll post pictures and video when I can.

Whish us luck.

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The concert was good in general.

This was a singer-songwriter concert in a small (about 60 seats) hall of a local library in Sofia.

This hall has a stage and a perfect sound equippement. The vocal microphone was "Sure" middle class, and the audience were my friends.

I sang 15 songs in the program and 2 more curtain call.

14 of the songs were mine, and one was of a friend of mine.

The curtain call songs were songs of my friends.

I sang basicly new songs that I made last year.

I realised something during that concert. I sung before an audience of friends. All of them are connected with me somehow. All of them know me or know some sides of my personnality. Playing and singing before people that I know personally was "heavy" for me...

All the time I was thinking:"...will he or she be pleased that I sing that song, will he or she hear my mistakes...."

So I realised that it is better for me to sing before audience of unknown people.


I was in a good shape.

But M-R GIBS just nocked them out!

I presented M-R GIBS. I needed to do that. Most of the audience knew what an instrument it is, but I had to do it "for the record".

I told them that he is a fine guitar build in Bozeman Montana, and "born" on 06.02.2007. (according his serial #)

And I told them that he is "one of the kind" several hundreds of miles arround because there is no such Gibson model in Bulgaria and in Romania.

M-R GIBS was brilliant (as ever!). No buzz, perfect sound, great sustain, big-big bass, expressive middles, and ringing higs!

It was a perfection that everibody noticed 100%.


There was a friend of mine in the audience. He is a 48 years old man like me and he was one of my first teachers of guitar playing. He doesn't play no more and it is a pitty, 'cause he has a guitar-player and song-writer tallent 3 times bigger then mine... But he doesn't play anymore... So he told me that he was thinking during the show that this is the beginning and he is waiting for more from M-R GIBS in my hands. I am sure he is right. He is my friend and he knows me since 1975...


There is another thing - all of my friends told me that there is a developpement in my songs, in my art after I have M-R GIBS at home. And that my new songs have a "modern" sound. And I believe it is the truth.


Now it becomes difficult. Now I just have to work. Perfection is what I like the best, but perfection needs sacrifices.... Work, work, work.


Well folks, I'll post pictures (as I told you when I can). And some video - when I can too.

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Nice Krasi....


I would have to agree with you that in a "concert" type setting I would almost rather play for strangers than friends, but my favorite times to play are when I am sitting around with a bunch of friends who know and love me... then I feel most at home with my guitars and playing. I don't look at that so much as a performance, but sharing my love of guitars and music with my friends.


I am happy for both you and MR. Gibbs for having a great show!

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3 minutes 30seconds of talking - man - I nearly gave up.....

.....glad I didn't! Sweetest picking and fine voice work. :-




Sorry-it was not me "the talker" but a friend of mine who "had to present me" (before all the people inthe room who know me quite well...)

The other friend who made the audio recording and who posted it in his site should cut that talking, but he didn't...

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You know, friends,

I decided to buy a Gibson SJ 200 after I watched the film "August Rush"

In that moovie a kid who did not play never, made wonders one morning on a SJ 200 cuttaway.

But now when I have M-R GIBS I dont concider that this is a guitar for fingerstyle for me...

I prefere to strum pretty strong on M-R GIBS and I think that this is his best voice.

I play with fingers , but I don't feel much "at ease"...

Thanks for the good words about my finger-playing, but wait untill my friend master-luthier Galin Penev(http://www.penev-guitars.com/news.php) finishes my new special custom fingerstyle guitar that he is building in that moment. It will be finished in january probably. Then you will see (and hear!). It will be 20 years old italian cedar top, indian rosewood back & sides and mahagony neck. All solid wood.

I expect this guitar and then I will do my best fingrestyle on it.

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