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A Bourgeois Custom Slope D, Adi top, Beeswing Mahogany B&S, Cherry sunburst!

I've never played one of Dana's Slope D's I didn't like. (Played about 6)

This is in my opion , visually one of the nicest,no THE NICEST I've seen.


Do it !

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I wouldn't think twice about that offer.... I just got to hear a guy playing a Bourgeois Slope D at a gathering of local AGF members last week and it was probably my favorite 6 string at the get together. (There was a luthier built 12 string small body that really had me GASsing the most and now I have my eyes open for a 12 string again!!! =D> )


Dana's guitars that I have heard and played are very Taylor like in many respects but almost has a more "Mature" sound, if that is a good word for it. It is more of a Taylor sound than a Martin sound but maybe a nice mix of both with the best tones from both coming out of the soundhole. What a sweeeeeeeeet looking burst on that too.


Did you trade yet, cause if you haven't..... GET OFF YER BUTT AND DO IT!!! :-

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