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as NeoC would say. I finally found some covers that would fit as the 57 classic's

are different than say a 498t pole piece wise. Also I flipped the neck pup to get

it closer to the strings in general.



Wax is messy to deal with especialy doing it without disconnecting the pups.

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Where are ou getting your parts at?


I had the pick gaurd off another SG and the covers are....proline part# GC302C from GC cause I went

to my local Gib dealer and they had ones that they said would'nt fit a 57 classic. I still have to get an actual

Gibson neck mounting pup ring that is angled, no one has decent stock of this stuff.

Thanks for the positive comments, and the guitar sounds ok ...no weird noise or anything so I guess

the candle wax I used is ok.

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Good sites......I had the flat ones cause that's all I could find first but switched to the angled and I think it is

better to get as close to the strings with the covered pups as the way I put in the wax is a little more than it should be.

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