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Question about Polishing

Ian Martin

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I personally just chuck my Les Paul Supreme in the dish washer, dump half a bottle of Cascade, and fire that baby up.


How do you think I keep it so white in these pictures?


PS: Do not wash white guitars with black ones

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I recently bought a Fender kit that includes a "Mist & Wipe" for light cleaning and regular use, "Swirl & Haze Remover" and "Polish and Conditioner." The first product I tried a while back when I bought my Tele and was very pleased with the results so I (finally) got around to buying some more along with the other stuff. All of it has worked very well - the swirly & haze remover really did a nice job on my black LP for smoothing out the surface and the polish brought the shine out in a big way - a bit of a task on a black guitar that's 17 years old and gets played a lot.


The stuff is actually made by a company called Meguiars (can you tell I have the box handy at the moment?). This is it:




Kinda of pricey, IMO, but it does work well.

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