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Has anyone ever been in the "tone zone"?


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I've been playing guitar since about 1982. I've never ever had "that" sound that I hear in my head. Close but never quite gets there coming from my amp. I've had some decent tones, but it seems it's never 100% what I imagine I want to sound like. There's always a trade off, whether it be volume or clarity or something.


Well, Saturday night at a gig, my B52 amp somehow found "the zone". I'm not sure what I did, but it was just humming at that sweet spot. It was on the clean channel with no effects but a little reverb. The tubes must have really been cooking. I leaned over to the singer and said, "listen to my amp, that's what I always want it to sound like". There was that perfect LP/tube amp sound, where I had total control by just varying my pick attack or slight volume knob adjustment. Man it's so liberating to just be able to play and not constantly fight with the volume/tone! So many times at gigs I'm either trying not to be too loud, so I barely hold on to my pick or I'm trying to be heard over the other intruments so I'm banging on the strings as hard as I can. It really takes away from your playing.


It only lasted for two songs , "Can't You See" and a little blues improv jam. Then it went back to the gain channel for some harder rock material.


I guess I've always been a little afraid to crank the clean channel at gigs, but I will definately try this method more in the future.


Sorry, I just had to share a little of my enthusiasm =D>

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Now the trick is to figure our what you did different after those songs ~ why did the magic tone go away?


I'm getting closer to the tone I'm searching for and yes the amp has helped ~ this dumble clone amp is part of what I hear.

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As a start... I NEVER use pedals and always use clean tones



Really with me it depends on my mood.


Sometimes I'll find "that tone" (I know its not a tube amp but its the best I got) where I really dig it.


If I keep it on those setting and play it say the next day I might not dig it as much.



sorry if that's insufficient

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