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Gibson SG serial stamp question


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I was checking out a '61 reissue SG today and wanted to ask you all about the serial stamp. I took note of the number and it checks out but it isn't recessed anywhere near as much as the stamp on my SG special. When you run your finger over it there is a slight indentation but it's not even and it's not very noticible. I also checked the cavity and the pot sig mayches the info I got when I looked the serial up.


Could this be due to more laquer over the serial #?


I realise that this is probably old ground to you guys but I'm new to Gibson guitars and with all the horror stories going around about fakes I want to be cautious.


Thanks :-&

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That's actually pretty common.

On my 2002 ES-335 the number is all but invisible, not from lacquer but it was barely imprinted in the wood at all.

I had a Melody Maker where the first digit wasn't even there, and the rest were very light.


Part of the reason is to combat fakery, it's sort of a complex strategy I was told about by Gibson Customer Service.


Don't worry about it.

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