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I recently sold a JCM2000 DSL401, the guy I sold it to unpacked it to check it out. As he is removing the foot pedal and power cord from inside, he found a long spring laying on the floor of the amp. He said the amp sounds great, but the reverb sounds funny. I'm not really sure what funny sounds like, but I suspect the spring he found goes to the reverb somehow. I have never opened up the inside of the amp (all I know is you plug it into a wall outlet, plug in a guitar and noise comes out). Here is a picture of what he found. Can someone help me identify it, and what needs to be done to reattach.




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I've never opened up a reverb tank, but I have one in an amp I bought to experiment with so I'll try and get out to the shop and take a look-see and see what we have inside. All signs point to a spring inside the tank, but I'm not positive.

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Well definately disconnect the power first and I would even unplug the reverb part of the tank.


I'm almost finshed what I'm doing inbetween hanging out here in the form so I'll go take that one apart and see how it connects.

The diagram helps me before I open it up that's for sure.

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Stevef, you're quicker than I am taking mine apart and shooting some pics.


One think that I'm concerned with is there a kink in the middle of that spring?


Anyway, here is what I did. My tank comes from a Fender amp and it is located on the bottom of the chassis.

Pic 1 - I unscrewed the tank.




Pic 2 - Overall shot of the inside of the tank




#3 - Hook & loop connection. Not sure if you can see it or not, but there is some adhesive to hold the springs in place




#4 - side shot to see the hooks




You should be able to take a small pliers and attach the hook thru the loop. Not sure if you'd want to put some glue on the end. I don't know if there is a certain type to use or not?

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Stevef' date=' you're quicker than I am taking mine apart and shooting some pics.[/quote']

DJ... Just "dumb luck". My son and I were at a local GC and saw an old standalone Fender Reverb unit. I told him I had an old Premier (model90-1967) that disappeared years ago. premier%20reverberation%20front%202_1.jpg


We went to the "net" to find out information on the Premier and the Fender standalones... Then Silverbursted posted his "SOS"...

I had been "inside" the old premier, more than 40 friggin' years ago, for fixes when needed....

Your "real life" stuff is definitely more relevant...

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