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The EL34 is an 8 pin (octal) tube which puts it in the same general family as the 6L6, 6V6, and KT66. In fact some octal based amps can alternate these tubes. My Uber Champ can run any of those. The EL34s are generally are crunchy with a lot of low end - not a soft sounding tube.


The EL84 is a smaller and lower wattage bottle known originally for its use in Vox and Gibson/Epiphone amps of the 60s. These days it shows up in many amps of different makers and tonalities - so it is pretty versatile. Pushed hard it gets a great compressed mid range and top end - that singing tone. It does not have the low end of an EL34.

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What's the difference between EL84 and EL34?

My Fender Two-tone Custom Shop Master Built Amp has 12AX7s and EL84s.

I know Bogner uses' date=' depending on the wattage you want, EL34s (80 watts) or 6L6s (60 watts) in its Shiva amps.

What's the difference? Can I put EL34s in my crazzy blues jr.?



What is your crazy blues jr.?

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Thanks Dom. It's a 1988 with mahogonay back and sides.

Nikko, my crazy blues jr. is a limitted run amp from Fender.

It's actually called a Two-tone Custom Shop Master Built 15 watt amp.

No where has it ever officially been called a Blues Jr., but that's exactly what it is.

For years many people have said that Fender needed to take the BJ and put it in a larger cabinett.

This cabinett is solid pine and large enough for the 10" and 12" specially designed Eminence speakers.

It roars for 15 watts. The mids and highs are exactly why I like it so much. It is a great amp. I'll probably never get rid of it.

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