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Happy Birthday to...


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Natalie Maines

Thomas Dolby

Cliff Richard

Justine Hayward

Ralph Lauren

Roger Moore

Robert "Barefootin'" Parker

ee cummings

Dwight Eisenhower

William Penn

King James II


.... and me.


Also today in history...


1066 - The Battle of Hastings

1964 - Martin Luther King, Jr. wins Nobel Peace Prize

1966 - Pink Floyd play their first set made up entirely of their psychedelic originals after a band decision to dump its R&B direction.

1968 - The White Album completed

1980 - Bob Marley's last concert


For some reason I look this stuff up every year! =D>

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Nice. Happy birthday. Enjoy [and go buy yourself some gear and then post pics]


Thanks! Won't be buying any new gear - baby due any day and I'm buying the construction of a new room for my guitar stuff - that will be gift enough. I may get some small gear as gifts though... =D>


Have a great day Surf!!! You deserve it!!


Thanks. You're right; I do! =D>


I should've taken the day off, but alas I did not. It's actually kind of fun to spend it with the students. They sing and give you cookies and chocolates and cards and stuff. Nice work if you can get it.

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