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Pulled the gun on a new toy!


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Uhm, not new, in fact quite old.



I found a early 90's Blue Epiphone Explorer today at Guitar Center, Upon inspecting it, the edges of the front and rear "wing" were quite badly beat up.

The Neck and headstock were nearly perfect, along with the Top and bottom of the body. Pickups and knobs all worked great, no scratchy pots, no broken selector switch.


When I plugged it in, this thing sang "Classic Metal". I sat for maybe an hour playing that thing through crappy amps.

I was so surprised at how well it sounded, that I put it on layaway until my next paycheck.


If you guys could clue me into info on these that would help.

It is a 90's (supposedly early), Blue Epiphone Explorer. Engraved pickup covers, and a cool logo for the headstock.

I wish I had taken a picture, But I was to obsessed with it.

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