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purchasing a J45 TV... Anyone have one? Pickup options?


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Hi there steve - i have the same guitar you're talking about and i love it.


I haven't owned either of the others but i've played both and it's really hard to go wrong with any of them. The J45 TV is pretty lightly built and plays and sounds fantastic. The variations on guitars and on sitka/red spruce is probably too subjective to delve into in a productive manner.


Mine's got a red spruce top and it just sounds alive. It's like putting your fingers on the outside of a large diaphragm condenser mic while wearing headphones: every little sound is audible. Great guitar.


No comment on the pickup as i don't use them, the one ryanfender mentioned is well spoken of though, people also seem to like the K&K on these guitars too

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I have played a few J45 TV's now and have to say that as much as I love a good J45, the TV's are exceptional!


As for a pickup, both of my Gibsons sound amazing with my K & K Western mini pickups. No battery needed on the inside of your guitar, simple installation (I still had my luthier do it to both) and the cost for the pickup and install should be less than $200. I have had a LR Baggs, Highlander and some others and the K & K is the best in my opinion hands down. They also have a "Vintage" end pin jack where no additional drilling is needed, but I have the regular jacks and they look good.

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