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When They Were Making Good Copies


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Look at this Baby. Every bit as Good as the Real Thing.


Even the Pickups (Called "Super 70s") are nice.


Alnico Magnets With the Steel Braided Wire.


I've got a Few of these pickups and they are my Favorite








I wish I had this Thing, its on Ebay right now

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I Agree and This one is Sweet. Man I Want it


They Sure Don't Feel Threatened by the Guys in China. Now-a-Days.


Those MIJ Ones Were Crafted Good.


Maybe Thats Why the Same Guys that Were Making the Copies in the 70's


Were hired in the 80's & 90's by Gibson to Make the Orville's.


Those are Real Nice too and made at the Same plant that these 70's Models Were.

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Ibanez still makes really good guitars in that style, called the artist series. After the lawsuit that was their answer. I'm just surprised with their level of skill they even bothered making outright copies when they could have easily come up with something similar on their own, like yamaha did.

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Ibanez made some great copies, but after the lawsuit era was over, they did start making some really nice guitars. I had a late 1970's "Custom Agent" for several years. It was basically a Les Paul copy with a scroll on the headstock similar to the Gibson Mandolins at the time. It was a fun guitar but I sold it to a collector for a small fortune and proceeded to build up my acoustic gear with the money.


My hands down favorite electric guitar I have owned was let go in a trade a few years ago. It was called "Maxxas MX3" and then in small letters read "A Division of Ibanez". This was such a radical design they were not sure they wanted the "Ibanez" name on the headstock prominantly. These guitars were basically made in the custom shop. The original prototype was sent to Steve Vai and he liked it so well he signed on with Ibanez as a signature artist and helped to creat the JEM series. Joe Satriani also loved the Maxxas guitars so much, his JS series was pretty much modeled after it. They were short lived in the Ibanez history as no signature artist was endorsing the Maxxas itself other than Petrucci who actually still has one. That and the cost to build was prohibitive I guess. Back in the day, a Maxxas actually cost more than an American Strat.


My 1980's Maxxas was a thing of beauty if you like horns. It was 100 year old honduran Mahogany carved into a semihollow chambered body and featured stainless steel hardware throughout, including stainless steel frets which I swear were the nicest feeling frets ever. Man I miss that guitar!




Here are a couple photos of my old Maxxas.....






Here is my daughter a few years ago at about 13 years old rockin the Maxxas



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Yes the Ibanez Les Paul's of that time were lovely instruments, as were the Tokai guitars too. The mid to higher end Tokai stuff is very good nowadays as well.


A make I have heard great things about and that sounds great, on the audio I have heard are Edwards, who are ESP. The guitars I believe are only available in Japan, but can be obtained elsewhere too. A few guys have them and swear by them on the Randy Rhoads site ultimaterhoads.


Surprise, surprise all the reports are like every other made in Japan Guitar. Flawless workmanship, great playability and finish.



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Wow I would love to have access to that Ibanez' date=' that's a great guitar and the true foundation of all of Ibanez's guitars.



Yep... It sure was a tone monster and the best playing electric I ever had..... stupid to let it go, but I have done alright in subsequent trades that make it better. It is just the one guitar I have let go of, that still haunts me today.

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Thats the guitar that got Steve Vai to go with Ibanez.


And Steve Vai ended up givining one one to Joe Satriani.... He then signed with Ibanez and his JS series guitars are very similar to the original Maxxas guitars. If you ever find a Maxxas guitar I say grab it as they are great once you get past the long pointy horns that could injure your loved ones! :-

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