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Looks like I may have to buy a new amp - dammit!


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Oh my....


That Lone Star Special at 30 watts is THE SH!T!!!

Of course' date=' the one at Guitar Center was screwing up - hissing and swishing - so I shut it down.

Still, wow....




I wouldn't steer you wrong...:-



Either Boogie will be a good choice, let us know what you end up with! :-k

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I've always loved the triple PUP black beauty - ala: Peter Frampton jive but I've never cared for the look with a bigsby. But that's what keeps life interesting ~ people have different tastes.


Although I've never played a triple pup BB, I've heard some complain about the middle pup getting in the way of playing.

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Bogner Shiva 6L6 Model with cabinet.

This is a great deal Neo.

You get the travel cases too




In addition to my previous post suggesting BlackStar' date=' Carvin, or even Krank [not just for shredders'], I know from experience the Bogner Shiva is sweet. Did all my LP comparisons through the same Shiva so all comparisons were not adversely amp biased in any way.


I'd own a Shiva . . . but I must play one of these BlackStar Series One amps as soon as I can get my hands on one. Carvin has a no questions asked return policy so trying a Legacy II is painless.


Just don't understand why it's all Marshall, Mesa, and Fender here . . .

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Well, the end was reached with some success!


The boy got his GED, passed the math section last.

I was talking to a guy last night who reminded me that Dave Thomas (Wendy's Restaurants) finally got his GED after many years as a multi-millionaire, just because he felt he should.


Maybe he'll get it in gear now.

He still needs to finish the Community Service he was sentenced to before they pick him up again.



He hasn't mentioned the amp again, I'll let his mom talk that out with him.


We'll see...

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