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You wait for an Sg to come along....


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...and 1 come along at once.


I ended up picking up an SG in teal. The metallic colour is a beautiful thing to behold. I like it's retro vibe:










Then a few days later I had the chance to try out a '61 reissue (with standard pots, not the PCB) and the neck is to die for. I had to take it.



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First time I've seen a Teal SG ' date=' it's really nice.

Being a hockey fan, I couldn't help but imagine a San Jose Sharks logo somewhere on the headstock or body !




-100k. Yuck! Some day we'll look back on the team colors from the late 80's and wonder what the NHL was thinking. For a guitar, that is one sexy color. For a hockey team, not so much.

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Nice SG Special! Is that an ebony fret board I see?


I think so. There is the possibility that it's very dark rosewood but it doesn't seem rough enough.


I don't think the teal Flip Flop colour was very popular when it was released so it should be quite easy to find one. This one's from 2001.

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