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If you can slap a bass, can you slap a guitar?

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Depends on the term "slap."


On a bass - especially an upright of the old style like a super-oversized fiddle, it can include plucking the string in a way that by intent gets that percussive sound as the string slaps into the fingerboard.


That's why at one period of time a lotta folks literally called it a "slap fiddle." I think it's harder to get quite that sorta effect out of an electric bass although I've never played a fretless so I dunno.


I've seldom seen that kind of technique used on a guitar.


On the other hand, I've seen at various times especially among folkies a fingering of a chord, then slapping the strings to get something of a percussive but harmonic sound. I believe this technique has at some periods had some regular use in flamenco as well.


I've used it a bit for solo guitar on electric or acoustic where it might kinda fulfill the position of a rhythm guitar.


But... it's a rather different sorta technique.



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Check out this video of Ben Lacy. Although he does a lot of slappin' for percussion he does also use the technique very melodically at about 2:20 of the video.



I've seen this guy twice in concert (one of the times we were on the same bill), and he has one of the most "alternative" playing styles I've ever seen to make actual music.

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