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I think it's high time Gibson made an Neil Young Signature Model. It would pretty much be a black LP with a P-90 in the neck and a Firebird pickup in the bridge with a Bigsby. BAM!! That's Old Black right there.




great point. i'm very surprised they haven't considering all the marginal players that have sigs. i.e elvis costello's century of progress acoustic. he confessed that he never had one but thought they looked cool when they approached him. all they good models were taken i guess.

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Well to each his own. I never thought of you as someone like that' date=' Riverside. I can honestly say I've never seen cats f#&%.

Dogs and people and the ocasional pidgeons, but never cats. What's that like?+:-@



Well, it's a sonic thing. Sounds kind of like Neil Young singing, or playing guitar, only it's more musical.

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