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Who should Gibson name in their next Signature series?


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There is a Gibson Randy Rhoads signature guitar coming out! :)


Of course it will be great to keep Randy's name alive' date=' but on the cynical side Randy's Les Paul was just an early 70's Custom. The only special thing he had done to it were change the knobs. It is more of a Tribute guitar really and not a signature like say Zakk's Bullseye is, with stripped neck and EMG's and personal graphics etc.


Jus sayin (LOL)



Wait a RR sig is going to have EMG's? #-o

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May have been said before, but my answer is NONE. Get rid of them. In my opinion they are a blight and an example of commercialism that will ultimately destroy the brand. Sometimes bean counters DONT understand the long-term market - they only understand next months sales figures.

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Well they're both getting them' date=' not much to debate really.


I think Stone Gossard should be next.[/quote']




I love his LP custom. He is the only person I can think of who plays one that isn't black. I would buy that over a black custom evem..... Maybe. And pearl jam is my favorite band at the moment as well so I would be pretty excited about it.

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Johnny Thunders of the NEW YORK DOLLS made a living out of his 59 LES PAUL JR DBL CUT with one P-90 which has become one of the most collectible guitars around.


It wasn't an ax he used now and then he played it from his days in a Garage band to his final days as a HEARTBREAKER.


The other is MICK RONSON who as DAVID BOWIE'S lead Guitarist in THE SPIDER FROM MARS band was using a WHITE LES PAUL CUSTOM was before RANDY RHODES and was a KILLER guitarist prior to his early passing as well but listen to the ZIGGY STARDUST album and hear this ripping riffs and great leads that;s MICK !!


Even on his less than stellar solo album Slaughter on 10th Ave his playing STOOD OUT !!!


The only other I can think of is PHIL MANZANERA whose firebird was well known for during the early years of ROXY MUSIC or John Fogerty and his LES PAUL CUSTOM helped to make Creedence on of the USA best bands


There are may more....some are signed with other manufacturer while they made there mark with a Gibson like CARLOS SANTANA and his SG, Leslie West with is LP JR, EARL SLICK , CHRIS SPEDDING, BIG BILL MORGANFIELD (MUDDY WATERS SON)

Many guys who used Gibsons but those are may stand out's even KEITH RICHARDS OR BRIAN JONES and there PAULS and FIREBIRDS.


TO many to mention but I gotta say iF these guitars are gonna have name on em SHOULDN'T there be something SPECIAL about em like PETER GREEN:S LES PAUL and it;s special tone???

Like JOHNNY WINTERS Firebird...it's the same as a 2,000 sunburst Firebird .....but for that cash it will never sell especially since for the past 10 years he has been playing his DAN EARLWHINE LAZER guitar/


Just my opinion


St james

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